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Recent Project – CSHQA
New CSHQA Offices cshqa2 The Boise architectural and engineering firm will leave the two floors it occupies in the C.W. Moore Building at Fifth and Front streets for 20,000 square feet of renovated space in the warehouse at Second and Broad streets. CSHQA is moving to get all its employees on one floor. The firm also undertook the renovation to show the community what it can do with an old building, said KK Lipsey, business development...
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Our Workshop
shop PMG has been self-performing sheetmetal manufacturing and installation since the company’s inception. Our shop team members have a number of years of experience custom manufacturing ductwork and exhaust systems for all our HVAC projects.  Products can be fabricated from almost any CAD/CAM designs or from drawings....
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Heating and Air
pmg33 Whether you need heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) for a million-square-foot office complex, or a 100-square-foot coffee shop, our expert staff have the right experience to complete your project successfully, and are ready to design, fabricate and install your system today. All HVAC equipment...
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