PMG isn’t afraid to tackle tough projects. Our unique combination of experience, seasoned professionals, emphasis on careful planning, and in-house capabilities give us the confidence to successfully complete challenging projects.  Our installers take pride in their work from sheetmetal fabrication, ductwork installation, to roof top unit installation.

Whether you need heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) for a million-square-foot office complex, or a 100-square-foot coffee shop, our expert staff have the right experience to complete your project successfully, and are ready to design, fabricate and install your system today.


PMG has been self-performing sheetmetal manufacturing and installation since the company’s inception. Our shop team members have a number of years of experience custom manufacturing ductwork and exhaust systems for all our HVAC projects.  Products can be fabricated from almost any CAD/CAM designs or from drawings.

HVAC ductwork
Exhaust systems
Process exhaust systems