Every group at PMG – whether it’s estimating or project management – is actively involved in building clients’ projects. We roll up our sleeves, get out in the field, and see for ourselves what works. We take pride in quality work delivered on time – even with very aggressive fast track projects – because we understand that’s what it takes to build lasting value


Whether you’re retrofitting your existing industrial facility, putting up a new commercial building or making tenant improvements, you can count on the best installation from our plumbing & pipefitting experts. Plumbing and piping projects are always handled by our own highly-skilled plumbers and pipefitters. We never sub-contract this work. All plumbing and piping is installed in strict compliance with project specifications and the latest local codes and regulations. Our plumbers and pipefitters have all completed a five-year apprentice program and engage in on-going training to keep them up to date with the changing market place.

Typical Systems

Hydronic – chilled, condenser, heating, steam

Fuel-oil / diesel

Fuel-gas / natural gas

Industrial process piping – chemical, slurry

Wastewater treatment piping


Structural supports for piping systems

Domestic water Sanitary waste & vent Storm drainage

Medical/dental & lab gas piping

Compressed air systems

De-ionized water

Lab waste piping

Chemical resistant waste piping

Capabilities / Expertise

Carbon steel

Stainless steel

Plastic piping

Tank fabrication

Piping fabrication

ASME B31.1 welding

Stick Welding Metal

Inert Gas (MIG) welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding

Orbital welding Structural-certified welding

Ultrasonic inspection

X-ray inspection